Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Less Time Online

I have a handy tip to pass along. First, a little intro.

I think many of us want to spend less time on the computer. These days so much of our life is on there. We pay bills online, send gifts, store everyone's contact info, stay in touch with family, get coupons, send pictures to grandparents...
How much do our kids to see the back of our heads and hear us say, "Just a minute I'm almost done." There is a level that is acceptable and just has to be done. But, and we all know what I am talking about here, there is another level. There comes a time that we have to just decide to be fully present with our families. Remember life in the 80's? No cell phones and no internet. And we did ok without them.

The tip? Unsubscribe from every e-mail you can. Be brutal. I know there are good deals and current events to stay on top of. There are sale fliers to view. There are motivational things to read. But when they are in your e-mail inbox they demand your attention. If they are really worth looking at you could go to the site and check them out later if you have time. I have found that since I've unsubscribed from everything that is not personal I don't care to go searching for those other things. And I don't check my e-mail nearly as often. I barely have any! It has greatly reduced that "pull" to see if I have any communication from the outside world :0).