Saturday, June 24, 2017


Here are some helpful resources on the topic of modesty.  All of these links were extremely helpful to me in thinking through this topic and would be especially wonderful in helping your daughters have a well rounded view of modesty.

Here is the first of a 4 part series that I appreciated.  It's just the intro, but if you like to start at the beginning, here it is.

The second post in that series includes 8 terrific questions to ask yourself about modesty.

The third post in that series had some great original thoughts about modesty in worship.  Do we aid others in worship or do we detract from it with our finery or by showing too much skin.  Do we really want to steal attention that should be directed at God?

The last post focuses on how your fashion affects your worship and the worship of others and it asks hard questions about the nitty gritty.

Are you contributing to a culture of lust?  Wonderful thoughts about what our pictures say about us and how women can unknowingly imitate the form of porn in the way they pose, use make up, or photograph themselves.

The ones above were all by the same author, but this last one is from The Bible Project.  We have loved devouring these videos!

1 Timothy tells women where their beauty should come from.  The Bible Project video about 1 Timothy brings this to life and helps us see what was going on in the church that the letter is written to.  In case you are short on time you can start at the 3 minute mark and see that some of the women were using church as a fashion show.  Do you think that would distract from the worship of the Lord or bring him glory?

May we be lovely and righteous women who seek to honor our Lord!