Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day In The Life

Here is a great article about a "Day in the Life" of Susan Wise Bauer as she homeschools her kids. It is funny and encouraging. There are links at the top to other similar articles when her kids where different ages.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Be Mindful of the Other Mothers

We are thankful for mothers who
allow sticky fingers and fistfuls of clover
let chocolate fingers go everywhere
celebrate beating on pots and pans
tickle and encourage puddle jumping

We are mindful for mothers who
look at photographers behind barbed wire,
can’t buy their children new shoes
have nightmares in the daytime
who are not spoiled by anyone

We are thankful for mothers who
have endless supplies of Band-aids
handle tantrums with grace
give gentle reminders that dirty clothes do not go under the bed
always have time for an extra hug and kiss

We are mindful for mothers who
live in an X-rated world
don’t have rooms to tidy up
live with real monsters
will eat anything

We are thankful for mothers who
endure homework and deadlines
spend frugally
dry tears and make us laugh
make even the smallest things seem special

We are mindful for mothers who
have never seen the dentist
go to bed hungry
cry themselves to sleep
inhale and exhale, numb the whole time

We are thankful for mothers who
read to us in silly voices
sing loudly and off key
carry us when we are tired
protect us from strangers

We are mindful for mothers who
don’t have a place to call home
can’t buy their daughter a prom dress
walk or ride the bus every day to get to work
are born in places where conditions are tragic

We are thankful for mothers who
teach us that our body is a temple
give us freedom to express ourselves
help us see that death is the other side of life
allow us to absorb gratitude as a habit

We are mindful for mothers who
never give up, no matter what
hold their own hands when there is nothing else
don’t get a second chance
hold their heads higher to be closer to heaven

I came across this poem here.

Monday, May 25, 2009


What do you all think of this? We have vaccinated our kids, but I ask for them not to get any in the hospital. I wait until they are a month or two old to start them (just to let them get beefed up a bit first). This video did make me ask some of those old questions again. It may be that for 99% of children it all works out fine. Vaccines have helped save many children from diseases that used to be common and devastating. But I wonder how common things like this are. Any thoughts?

Appreciation For Dirty Socks

I am fully convinced that we need to teach our kids how to pick up after themselves and have good habits. However, I just got the following quote from a Sonlight e-mail and I needed to hear this today:0)
Cherish the Opportunity You Have to Serve Your Family

Note: Today is laundry day, and as I fold the seemingly endless mountain, I can't help but remember all the time I have wasted over the last 25 years, resenting the dirt, noise and chaos that my kids have brought into my life.

You see, next week I will drive my son to the airport and put him on a plane to Germany. For two years. As I put yet another pair of stinky socks in the washer, I realize what I would give to be able to keep doing his laundry.

I know we need to teach our kids to pick up after themselves, cook, and basically help around the house, but I know, at least for me, I often spent more time resenting the fact that things didn't get done, the way I thought they should get done, when I thought they should be done, than it would have taken me to just do them. Once I let that resentment go, and realized that this was an opportunity to serve my family, I became a much happier person.

I just wanted to remind those of you who are still in the middle of all the mess that one day those precious mess-makers will be gone. Live your life today so that, one day, in the future, you can look back and not have regrets. When you fold those socks, remind yourself that someday, those socks won't be there. And be grateful for the time you do have with your little ones. — Brenda in GA

Monday, May 18, 2009

My 3 big boys

I just had to share this sweet picture with you. It doesn't get much better than this.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pioneer Woman's Lodge

Anyone who would like to take a little tour of Pioneer Woman's Lodge...look here at Pastor Ryan's blog. It is fun to see a little more of where she is working when she creates some of her yummy food!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Sunrise

This is by Jeremy Weese, a student at Covenant Theological Seminary:

A friend recently asked me how I live in a world, in a life that is punctuated by suffering, failure and pain. (I was injured in a fall when I was fourteen, which left me paralyzed from the waist down). I thought a while about it, and responded simply, “The sunrise.”

Click here to read the rest of his answer.

*This blog is from our old church in St Louis. Pastor Lee has a lot of great things to say here!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Toy Experiment

I have been trudging along with Simple Mom as she has been spring cleaning. Every day she links over to Mandi at Organizing Your Way who fleshes things out a bit. Well, OYW had some great tips for toys and I liked this one a lot...
Conduct Your Own Toy Experiment

Marci from Overcoming Busy conducted “The Great Toy Experiment” at Christmas time. She packed up most of her kids toys and created an art room for them instead, keeping out just a few favorite toys. To her surprise, her children barely even noticed the change, and the struggle she expected over her decision to minimize the toy clutter never happened. To this day, her kids play better without the toys that had been cluttering their home before.

Consider taking a more drastic approach to the toy clutter and packing up many of the toys to be stored in the basement. There may be a few you need to pull back out, but maybe your kids will surprise you too and play better with less.

I have been paring down a lot in the toy department, but I think I am going to give "The Experiment" a try.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Diet of Rice?

Check out this short little story about a guy and his new bride. What do you think he should do? *Make sure to read it to the end...

In Memory of Jeffrey

We have been praying for my friend Lori as her brother has fought cancer for the last 8 months. He went to be with the Lord a few days ago. His mother made this beautiful tribute to remember him. I thought I would share it with you here. Please pray for his family. He leaves behind a wife and three young children.

Pondering Death...

Here is an excellent post by my friend Anna. It is a bit of a book review and also a little devotional in itself.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Here is a quote from this Washington Post article (I did not read the whole article):
Parents lack confidence in their instincts and in their judgment. Previous generations had no trouble making hard and fast rules. Parents in those days looked like and conducted themselves as adults and role models; kids and teenagers wanted to grow up and get the perks of adult life as soon as possible. Therapists see the inverse today. There are lots of parents who are uncomfortable with their grownup role and want to be young again; their kids don’t want to grow up, or wish to postpone it as long as possible.
I originally saw the link here and the post here.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Are You Lady Like?

Here is a great one on How to be a Lady. I like this blog a lot.

Girls and Friends

Here is a great one over at Femina about when friendships are headed in the wrong direction. There is a lot of great advice here!

Timberdoodle and Motherhood

I get e-mails from timberdoodle from time to time. They always have something worth reading. Here is the text from one I got today.


Dear Friends, (and moms in particular),

May is the month in which we celebrate the role of motherhood. While cards and TV ads are extolling the virtues of moms, and it is tempting to bask in this annual adulation, instead consider the question, "Why do you love your children?"

God's Love for the Jewish nation
Recently our family listened to a sermon by Tim Keller explaining Deuteronomy 7, wherein God declares His love for the Jewish nation. He does this not because of what they had done, but because of who He is, graciously keeping His promise to a thousand generations.

A Mom's Love for all her children
Do your children have that same assurance of your love? Would you dare to ask them to list the reasons that you love them? Trust me, you want to fail that test. The longer the list, the more you as a mom have to work on. You should shudder if they list anything to do with appearance, abilities, or even attitudes.

Why should we love our children, then? Because God has divinely created the parent-child relationship for our good and His glory. Our children need to know that nothing they do will make us love them more, and we, as moms, need to be sure that is true.

It may be easier to love the beautiful, talented, precocious child, but in many cases it is only because of the glory that child brings us. Harder to love are the misfits, the difficult, the flawed; but these are the very ones that God can use to sanctify us and make us more like Himself.

What if you find yourself struggling to love the unlovely? Ask God to give you His eyes, to see your child as His instrument, specifically and supernaturally created to make you more like Him.

A Child's assurance of love
Then, when your child asks you why you love him, free him from the burden of his looks, skills, accomplishments, or character; these are things that are subject to change. Instead give him the assurance that you love him simply because he is a gift from God; he is your child, and that is a relationship that will never be altered.

May you "know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge" so that you can reflect it in ever increasing purity to your children,

Timberdoodle co
1510 E Spencer Lake Rd
Shelton, WA 98584

Bible Study Guide

The Bible Study Guide looks like a neat option for Sunday School, home-schoolers, or families trying to go through the bible with children. I have not used it, but may check it out for next year.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Many EC's

Here is a post entitled "Lots of Kids and Extra-Curriculars: A Guide To Managing It All". The author has 5 children and shares some good tips!


This made me smile and laugh! My friend Carmen showed it to me. This is all in good humor...just laughing about the differences between men and women and all the cliches floating around about relationships.

Homeschooling..coming soon

For any one interested (and for me to have it all written down) I am working on compiling a nice little post about what I have used for homeschooling Aiden. I think I needed to mention it so that I would actually get it done...

Cute Play Kitchen

For those of you with little girls...check out this cute little play kitchen on sale.

Spring Cleaning Day One

Here is your master plan for day one. It is a really easy one.

"The goal is to quickly sweep through your home, throw away trash, and toss items you no longer need or want into a box for later. And that’s basically it - a project that should only take about two hours max (more or less, depending on the size of your home)."

This Spring Cleaning is meant for normal people who have a life to keep up with. You can do it!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Great Luther Quote

My friend Anna, posted this quote on her blog. Thanks Anna!

"This life therefore is not righteousness, but growth in righteousness, not health, but healing, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise. We are not yet what we shall be, but we are growing toward it, the process is not yet finished, but it is going on, this is not the end, but it is the road. All does not yet gleam in glory, but all is being purified."

~Martin Luther

Friday, May 01, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Simple Mom is having a Spring Cleaning Party. I'm in. Care to join us?

Riley's Hebrew Alphabet

Jeremy is learning Hebrew right now and so he taught the alphabet to the boys. Here is Riley (almost 3).

Great Parenting Post

I just read such an encouraging and challenging post! My good friend Lori posted some very helpful things about parenting. Here is a little snippet:


4. Rebuke them and restrain them. Keep up so much authority that your word may be law unto them. Nevertheless, do not let your authority be strained with such harshness and fierceness as may discourage your children. Our authority should be so tempered with kindness, meekness and loving tenderness that our children may fear us with delight, and see that we love them with as much delight. Mercy must be joined with severity.