Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Toy Experiment

I have been trudging along with Simple Mom as she has been spring cleaning. Every day she links over to Mandi at Organizing Your Way who fleshes things out a bit. Well, OYW had some great tips for toys and I liked this one a lot...
Conduct Your Own Toy Experiment

Marci from Overcoming Busy conducted “The Great Toy Experiment” at Christmas time. She packed up most of her kids toys and created an art room for them instead, keeping out just a few favorite toys. To her surprise, her children barely even noticed the change, and the struggle she expected over her decision to minimize the toy clutter never happened. To this day, her kids play better without the toys that had been cluttering their home before.

Consider taking a more drastic approach to the toy clutter and packing up many of the toys to be stored in the basement. There may be a few you need to pull back out, but maybe your kids will surprise you too and play better with less.

I have been paring down a lot in the toy department, but I think I am going to give "The Experiment" a try.


Mandi said...

I'd love to hear how it goes, Brandy! Thanks for the link, and have a great weekend!

Brandy said...

Thanks for stopping by Mandi :0) Well, it was not a 100% purge, but it was drastic! They did not miss much. So far they have asked for 2 things and I retrieved them. The rest is at the thrift store. I love it!