Monday, May 25, 2009

Appreciation For Dirty Socks

I am fully convinced that we need to teach our kids how to pick up after themselves and have good habits. However, I just got the following quote from a Sonlight e-mail and I needed to hear this today:0)
Cherish the Opportunity You Have to Serve Your Family

Note: Today is laundry day, and as I fold the seemingly endless mountain, I can't help but remember all the time I have wasted over the last 25 years, resenting the dirt, noise and chaos that my kids have brought into my life.

You see, next week I will drive my son to the airport and put him on a plane to Germany. For two years. As I put yet another pair of stinky socks in the washer, I realize what I would give to be able to keep doing his laundry.

I know we need to teach our kids to pick up after themselves, cook, and basically help around the house, but I know, at least for me, I often spent more time resenting the fact that things didn't get done, the way I thought they should get done, when I thought they should be done, than it would have taken me to just do them. Once I let that resentment go, and realized that this was an opportunity to serve my family, I became a much happier person.

I just wanted to remind those of you who are still in the middle of all the mess that one day those precious mess-makers will be gone. Live your life today so that, one day, in the future, you can look back and not have regrets. When you fold those socks, remind yourself that someday, those socks won't be there. And be grateful for the time you do have with your little ones. — Brenda in GA

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