Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Story of Stuff

This is a video called The Story of Stuff. It is about 20 minutes long and totally worth your time. It shows where all our "stuff" comes from and where it goes. It also shows how we as consumers find our identity in our stuff. (If this video is too blurry you can go here to watch the original version on The Story of Stuff website)

I have been thinking about this a great deal in the last months. Consumerism and time on the computer both keep us from real life. They keep us from enjoying solitude, talking with friends, God's creation in nature, and simple pleasures. We can become addicted to e-mail, blogging, or other online things and find our identity there...especially stay at home moms. Do we want to escape to the computer and often tell our kids to "hold on" while we are online? Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying these things in moderation (I clearly am by writing this blog). I am talking about thinking these things through and purposefully living in the real world with real flesh and blood people that are in your physical presence. I am talking about going outside and just sitting and reading a book. Just sit and stack blocks with the toddler. Go outside for a walk. Meet a friend from church at the park and let the kids play. I have been trying lately to tip the scale in that direction. This video just made me think about these things from another angle. What do you think?


Tricia said...

ok, i admit: i didn't watch the video...trying to limit my time on the computer, you know!! :-) but i do resonate with what you have shared here. computers and the modern technology we enjoy are a blessing, but like all blessings, when used improperly, can instead become a curse. i get sad when i see folks get absolutely wrapped up in what is happening online instead of all around them. and i think as parents (both moms and dads) we must be careful not to sacrifice precious time with our children in favor of time with our computer. in addition, i think about how my children will imitate and mimic my own behavior with all things computer-related. what is it i am teaching them, whether consciously or unconsciously, about computer use? thank you for the reminder to stay engaged in "real" life!

Brandy said...

Thanks for your comment Tricia! It was encouraging to me that you are thinking some of the same things. Have a nice weekend!