Friday, February 13, 2009

The Challenge of Motherhood

My friend Debbie shared this at bible study last week...


Challenge of Motherhood

"May I lick the beater?"
The child calls from his chair.
There is frosting on his clothing
And frosting in his hair.

Chairs flank both my elbows
While dishes wait once more.
While every step I take, it seems
I'm sticking to the floor.

Wearily, I murmur,
"Fast moves I never make
Small fingers dip in batter
That range from pie to cake.

"How I'd love one moment-
Just one - to work alone!
No sticky fingers, lots of room
A kitchen of my own!"

But, mother, wait a minute!
The days glide swiftly past.
Your little sons and daughters
Are growing up so fast.

Soon they'll leave the home nest
To face life on their own,
And you'll be left to marvel
How rapidly they've flown.

You will miss the prattle
Each sticky, sunny face.
Your kitchen will seem empty
Though everything's in place.

What will they remember?
That harsh impatient word?
Will they learn gems of character
As you they have observed?

"Father, from thy storehouse
Of more abundant grace,
Grant me a wealth of patience
And love to fill my place.

"Grant me joy in duty
To serve them with a smile,
To make their home a haven,
Their childhood days worthwhile."

Sharon Sensenig

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