Friday, March 13, 2009

We can't do it all...

Doug Wilson also said this on his blog.

Third, recognize that in this fallen world we are striving to mature in a number of different areas at the same time. This means a series of trade-offs. For a harried mother striving to be "reformational" in her approach to her domestic challenges, she might find herself (multiple times a day) having to choose between this and that, both options insisting that they represent a higher and better way. She can cook the kids a real meal, hot and nutrious, ready at six, or she can get the laundry done and have their sheets changed, clean and fresh, ready by bedtime. But not both. They can have the reformational meal, and deal with the sheets for one more night, or they can enjoy clean sheets after a dinner of pancakes. In this life, perfectionism is paralyzing. Strive for excellence while taking it easy.

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