Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neat little story

My good friend Jennifer shared a bit about her trip to visit her mom in PA. This little story was touching to me and I thought you might like to hear it. May we all be like this generous man~
I took mom on an errand to pick up some planting flowers from a local family-run greenhouse one afternoon. The man who owns the place was so respectful of Mom. He asked about her family, and he listened with great interest to her answers about all her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren as they walked around his greenhouse choosing what she would buy. When it came time to pay, she pulled out $30, and he only let her pay $10. He said, “I’ve had a good year, and I’ve learned that giving a little comes back 10,000 times.” So we left with $30 worth of flowers for $10 and a feeling of God’s blessing. The greenhouse man also kept telling Mom how glad he was she would plant and enjoy the flowers. It turns out this same man had once come to visit mom last year when she was sick and the furnace was broken. He spent several hours there working on the furnace, and wouldn’t let her pay him. So it made me glad to see that God had placed such a generous person in Mom’s path who understands what it means to love your neighbor or to care for the widows among you.

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