Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to Read a Hard Book (take 2)

HERE is the article that I was supposed to link to last time :0)

I just got The Well Educated Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and it has some of the same thoughts in it. Basically, it takes work and practice to be able to read hard books. It does not really "come naturally" to some and not others. Anyone can do it with a little practice! I'm looking forward to the part right after all the "practice" :0)


Lori Shaffer said...

It's true! It really does take practice to get to the point where it required less effort and actually becomes enjoyable! But it is SOOO worth it.

There are still certain genres that are difficult for me...and I haven't yet put in enough time to get comfortable with them, but I'm working on it! (Russian authors and Walker Percy and Flannery O'Connor are all HARD for me...they write similarly and in what I would consider a depressing style. I'll get it one of these days!)

Brandy said...

I want to be like you when I grow up! :0)