Thursday, August 12, 2010

Picture Smart Bible

The Picture Smart Bible is one really fun tool that I picked up at my last curriculum fair. There is a detailed picture for each book of the bible that summarizes the main points in that book. For younger kids you can copy the complete picture and have them color it. For older kids or adults there are outline pages that have light lines that they are to trace as you read the scripture for that symbol and explain why they put it on the page. There is not much interpretation. Just the raw data found in each book. So, it works for many different denominations. In each book there is symbol that shows how that book points to Jesus...wonderful! AND, the copyright law is very generous. If you teach Sunday School, VBS, Women's bible study, family bible studies, or the can make as many copies as you need for your group. They basically just restrict copying of the complete manual or copying for sales. They want as many people to benefit from this wonderful program as possible. I hope you like it! We do :0)

*NOTE* artistic skills are not necessary. All marks that need to be made are outlined with gray and simply need to be traced, any words written, and then colored only if you want to.

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