Sunday, June 24, 2012

Organizing For School

This is a general outline of how I plan and organize school for my boys at the beginning of the year. I used the tips found here and here and then fiddled with it until it worked for us. I have 4 LARGE binders (one for each quarter). I usually just plan 1/2 year at a time because I tweak things mid year. Each of these large binders has 9 numbered tabs that correspond with the weeks of the school year (36 weeks total). Behind each tab I put that week's worth of work for everyone in the family. For example, behind tab one I have: *all of my papers (Sonlight week at a glace, Artisitic Pursuits lesson for the week, Classical Conversations summary for the week) *then Aiden's (Math, First Language Lessons, Spelling, Handwriting/Copywork, Vocabulary), *then Alex's (Math, First Language Lessons, Spelling, Handwriting/Copywork, Explode the Code) *then Riley's (Math, First Language Lessons, Spelling, Handwriting/Copywork, Explode the Code) *and lastly pages that they all have in common (Story of the World) Now here is the key: I make ALL of the copies I need for the year, rip the pages out of the workbooks, and three hole punch them all so that they can go in the binder. Then during the school year I just pull out all the papers for that week and separate them into each kid's weekly binder and my binder. Their weekly binder has 5 tabs each labeled with the day of the week. I separate their work out by days and put the papers behind the appropriate tab. Note: If lessons don't have nice page breaks that work with the tabs don't worry. Just do the best you can. You'll know where everything is. If you take more than a week to do a week's worth of biggie. I usually just try to finish a week before I pull out another week. But I have had to spend two weeks to complete one week's worth of work many times. Things will come up and you will have to move things around. But, having the bulk of the planning and sorting done at that beginning of the year is a HUGE time saver. My binder has a tab for each child and then a tab for subjects that I need papers for. You'll need to customize this to fit your school. And finally, after they complete their work I check them right away and then slip them into each child's bin. This is where all of their papers live until I sort through them at the end of the year. At that point, I purge in a major way, keep a sampling of their work in each subject, and label a 3 ring binder with that child's name and grade on it. It's their portfolio for the year!


Denise said...

Not sure if I have shared this with you, but check out Half a Hundred Acre Wood blog. She does great idea posts for each of the subjects we cover in CC. Many links and book lists. You can use it for some inspiration when you are running low. :)

Brandy said...

Thanks Denise!