Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cancer Prevention

We as Christian women do not want to be fearful of disease or consumed with thoughts about how to prevent every disease we hear about. But, there is definitely nothing wrong with doing what we can to prevent disease in ourselves and those we care for. I would say it is good stewardship of that which God has given us. My Grandma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer recently and I looked and looked for a book that used natural medicine and diet IN CONJUNCTION with medical treatment. Such a book is rare indeed. Many medical books don't say diet can help very much and the books that are primarily diet related make the doctors sound like idiots. I wanted some balance. Well, I feel like I have found it. How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine by Dr Murray has been a great source of balanced information while my Grandma battled cancer and now as another good friend of mine has been diagnosed. It has 3 sections: 1.Prevention 2.Treating Cancer with Natural Medicine 3. Minimizing Side Effects While Receiving Radiation and Chemo. I wanted to give you a few tips from that book for preventing cancer. He fleshes each one out quite a bit in the book. But, to keep it are his "7 Key Principles of the Cancer Prevention Diet"...

1. Eat a "rainbow" assortment of fruits and vegetables.
2. Reduce exposure to pesticides.
3. Reduce intake of meat and other animal foods.
4. Eat the right type of fats by increasing the intake of omega-3 fatty acids.
5. Avoid high calorie, low-nutrient foods such as junk foods, candy, and soft drinks.
6. Keep salt intake low, potassium intake high.
7. Choose foods that help your body detoxify and eliminate waste.

Now, right off the bat I would like to say that we have a theology of feasting that allows me to enjoy all of God's good gifts to us with thanksgiving. Even junk food and candy bars! But, it is helpful to know what things are particularly good to avoid so that we can minimize them when possible. I am not organized enough right now to incorporate all 7 of these into our lifestyle, nor would I want to be too obsessive about obeying them. But, they are still a helpful starting point as you and I try to live a healthier life.

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