Saturday, December 29, 2007

Turning a blessing into a curse.

This is something that I think of at least once every other day and have found very challenging and encouraging.

Nancy Wilson once explained Deut 14:21b "Do not cook a young goat in it's mother's milk." She said that the mother's milk was meant to be a source of nourishment and blessing to the baby. This verse says that that blessing should not be turned into a curse for the young goat by cooking him in it. She then makes this application: You as a mother are supposed to be a blessing to your children. You are supposed to bestow blessings on them and be a delight for them to enjoy (much like a mother's milk for her baby). Are you a blessing, or are you turning that blessing into a curse by being a fussy, impatient, grouchy mommy. Ouch. Don't turn the blessing of a mother into a curse for your children. I hope that word picture sticks with you like is has with me.

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