Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Grocery Game

The Grocery Game is a way to save you lots of money! My friend Shannon first mentioned in a few months ago and I thought I would pass since I don't buy tons of brand name items. Well, I decided to try it out and it has been lots of fun and saved me some money afterall! Last night I spent $80 at Publix and saved $75 (by that I mean that my total was $155 and after coupons and sales I paid $80). Then I went to Winn Dixie and spent $60 and saved $54 dollars! I will be really excited when I save more than I spend! You can have a 4 week trial of the Grocery Game for $1 and after that it is $10 every 8 weeks. I don't have time to explain how it works right now, so I will just direct you to the link above. Have fun clipping coupons!


Claire said...

The Grocery Game is awesome! I used it years ago, and saved a ton. My only problem was, my family is very picky, and they like the brands they like. I ended up giving away a lot of food (which is good on one hand, but kinda defeats the purpose). I started using it again recently, but I haven't dived into it fully yet. We'll see if I can make it work.

Brandy said...

Thanks for your comment Claire! I just found another site called www.couponmom.com. It does something similar except the info is free! I think I like GG format better, but if I find I don't like paying for it then coupon mom might be a good option. You do have to sift through a lot of adds when you sign up though. Have a great weekend!