Monday, September 15, 2008

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Yes, that is right. There is a website called Homeschool Freebie of the Day that gives you free offers! I just found it at Money Saving Mom and got my first one and I am excited to look it over. It is called Easy Homeschooling Curriculum and it outlines an entire curriculum that you could use (or at lease build on). I just looked at it for about 1 minute before I came here to post to you about it. Here is a little teaser I copied for you:

Easy Homeschooling Curriculum CHRISTIAN Edition by Lorraine Curry (PDF ebook) - What is really worth learning? This great collection from Lorraine Curry and 16 noted homeschooling authorities provides insight into that sometimes puzzling question with clear directives and definite answers.
* How do I reach my spiritual and educational goals?
* How do I identify classic books?
* How do I make the most of the “decade of impressibility” (ages 6-16)?
* How exactly does the literary method work, why is it effective?
* How long do we spend on a topic?
* Should we read excerpts or entire books?
* How do I best combine works?
* What exactly are the most important, and secondary subjects?
* How can I stimulate interest in a subject or topic?
* What is apperception and why is it important?
* How do I teach so that learning becomes permanent?
* How does knowing and feeling contribute to will training?
* What titles and genres should we use for each grade?
* What else should my child be doing at each grade level?
* Why are these particular books best for these ages?
* What is a type study in geography and why should I use it?
* What is meant by “home outward” and why is it important?
* Are there exceptions to chronological studies?
* How can nature study be combined with our reading topics?
* How can grids be helpful in teaching accurate drawing skills?
* Is fantasy really appropriate for children, and if so, why?
* What is the best narration-notebook system?
* At what grade do I begin historical study?
* Where do I begin historical study?

“Lorraine Curry guides the reader through rich literature selections that will challenge you and your children. In our culture of slang language and decadent amoral lifestyles, these selections are refreshing and challenging, reminding us that things were not always this way. . . . The subject chapters offer helpful guidance when putting together literature-based studies. . . . a valuable and well-used resource; inspiring as well as challenging to all who read it. “-Christy Herbert


Angie said...

Brandy: thanks for the link. I just downloaded the pdf file. Looks like a great resource.

I had a laugh, by the way...when I first read the list you posted, I thought it said "decade of impossibility (ages 6-16)."

Maybe it's because my kids range in age from 6 to 16 that I read it that way. :-)

Brandy said...

You crack me up :0) Thanks for posting Angie!