Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Simple Activities

A few ideas to keep your little ones busy (or to do with them).

Mega Blocks
Look at books
Sidewalk Chalk
Play catch with brother
Make obstacle course
Make indoor club house
Puppet show
Play dough
Help with chores
Play with cardboard box
Treasure hunt
Take a Bath
Just do nothing
Pattern Blocks
Write on Chalkboard
Brush your teeth
Felt Board
Mega Blocks
Dress Up/Costumes
Masking tape road with cars
Build with wooden blocks
Sort Beans
Sort Macaroni
Bristle Blocks
Paint with water
Pipe Cleaners
Play food
Pouring Rice
Wash dishes
Glue stick art
Color with markers/crayons
Make chair maze
Sticky feet (masking tape around shoes with sticky part out)
Geo board
Shape sorter
Pouring water
Threading cards or beads
Water/oil in bottle with food coloring
Bubble Bottle
Clothes pins in a milk jug
Window Markers
London Bridge/Duck Duck Goose
Teach them how to do rolls, hopping or skipping

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