Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Answers

Best Parenting Advice...Just to enjoy your kids and be a blessing to them. Here is a post on that topic. Now, being a blessing sometimes means training your children in a way that they will not think is fun. But lots of times it means putting the laundry or dishes on hold so that you can just play with and pay real attention to your kids. Do you remember when you were a kid...asking your mom to come and play with you? Do you remember wanting her to stay forever and just keep playing and playing? I try to remind myself that that is what my kids want. They want to have the assurance that I am not about to rush off and do something else. They want my undivided and "unrushed" attention.

Best Marriage Advice...Cultivate and enjoy your sex life. Put some time into learning how to make it enjoyable for both of you. Here is a good article about how God uses this area of your marriage in a mysterious way to strengthen your marriage.

One thing I would do differently in my parenting...I would not have been so hard on my first one. It is easy to be a little too consistent with the discipline on your first one and try a little too hard to do it all perfectly. Try to do your best, but relax a little. Enjoy it all, and pray for God to bless your efforts and do a mighty work in each of your children.


Lambert Loggings said...

Brandy ~
Thanks for the thought-provoking questions. It gave Chuck and I a lot to talk about and evaluate. I posted my answers on my blog. :)

Brandy said...

I really liked your answers! They were helpful for us and made us think too. Thanks for playing along :0)