Monday, December 07, 2009

The Sexton's Meet Pioneer Woman

Well, I rarely tell tales of the Sexton family on this blog. But, since this event has to do with another blogger, I thought you might like to read about it. Tonight we headed over to Borders for Pioneer Woman's book signing. These days there are not many late night outings with all the kids and so we decided that it might be fun to be crazy and stay up a little after their bedtime.

It ended up being a LOT after their bedtime! This picture was taken at 11:15. Jeremy was so sweet and helpful. I really enjoy her blog and use a lot of her yummy recipes and so it was just a fun thing to get to stand in line and wait to meet her and get a signed cookbook. It reminded me of waiting in line for a fun concert, or staying up late for something special when I was a kid. Jeremy helped me with the kids in the children's department for a while and then he had a great idea...he took them to the car to watch a Christmas movie and he read a book while I got to sit and read by myself in line. The boys had a great time, he enjoyed his book, and I enjoyed mine.

When it was almost my turn Jeremy brought the boys in to meet PW. I had told them ahead of time that this nice lady had come up with a lot of yummy recipes that I make for them sometimes. I told them that she homeschools her kiddos too and that she has little boys. I think they were a little bit excited too. And, it was fun for Jeremy to get to see the person that I enjoy reading about.

She was still smiling and so nice after almost 4 solid hours of pictures, signing, and chatting. And there were MANY other people to come after me.

I really love a lot of her recipes. I made Monkey Muffins this morning and they were really great. I have some leftovers of her Creamy Mashed Potatoes and her Chocolate Pie in my fridges. I am making her Lasagna this week for the first time. I made her Fettuccini Alfredofor lunch last week. Her Brisket is the most yummy I have ever had. Her Guacamole is the only one I have ever made at home that I really loved. Her Cinnamon Rolls are delicious. We love Iny's Prune Cake ( have to try it!). Her Favorite Christmas Cookies are my new favorites. My Pot Roast is her Pot Roast recipe. Her Steak Bites are amazing. Those are a few of my favorite and a good place for you to start! Print one off and go for it! Or better yet, order her cookbook. It is really fun. It has a lot of her story and stuff about their ranch, and many terrific pictures in it. It is a book and a cookbook all wrapped up in one! Yes, I know what I just said :0)


Dolly said...

SOOOOOOOOOO FUN Brandy!! How sweet of Jeremy too! I just love the picture. What a great memory. Wish she would have stopped in B'ham. :-)

Brandy said...

Thanks Dolly! It was fun and I really love the cookbook. I love the pictures that you had taken by Kristen great!

Denise said...

How wonderful you got to meet her!! I have her cookbook on my wishlist this year! Thanks for the suggestions on the recipes! We know we like what you like! :)

Brandy said...

It was fun. I am not "into" many things these days and so this was a nice treat. I love so much of her cooking. Yummy! I'm hungry! How are you feeling these days?

Rebekah said...

Those boys are adorable! What a good idea for them to watch a movie in the car while you waited! So smart.

The smell of rosemary, thyme and meat are currently wafting through the house - PW's roast in the oven! Can't wait to sink my teeth in it.

Brandy said...

Thanks! It looks like you have 3 of your own and a little princess too :0) That movie idea was my husbands. He is great!

I wish I had that chuck roast in my oven right now! I hope you enjoyed yours. Have a great week!