Friday, January 14, 2011

Let them bask in your smile

"Enjoy the children and cause them to enjoy you. Don’t ask anything of them that is not absolutely necessary to the stability of the home, give them something they want—not selfish demands, just ignore those. Give them your time, your attention, your laugh, your approval, your touch, hugs, reading, silly funnies, rolling on the carpet or yard, pushing in the swing, or pulling in the wagon. But most of all, let them bask in your smile until they need it like they need the next breath. Cause them to feed on your fellowship, to relax until they are sure you care only for their good, that you live to enjoy their company and would not be happy without them. Do this and you will have achieved what most Christian homes are missing."

Michael Pearl
addressing a newly converted mother that is trying to establish some discipline in her home. Her children have been in foster care much of their life. I appreciated the reminder to delight in my children in all of these ways.

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