Monday, January 03, 2011

Bible Overview

The Old Testament Made Simple and The New Testament Made Simple are two wonderful resources for gaining a terrific grasp of the bible as a whole.

The OT book provides "8 quick and easy ways to get a clear-focused overview of the entire OT". These include:
The 7 major moves of the people of the OT
The 20 key people of the OT
The 3 major divisions of the OT
The 11 books that contain more than 95% of the narrative of the OT
And easy way to remember the basic contents of each of the books of the OT
God's 7 major covenants with man
The 5 major time periods
The 50 major events of the OT

Each of these 8 overviews goes from the beginning to the end of the Old Testament and highlights certain things. So, when you integrate them all at the end of the book, they really work together to give a wonderful skeleton to the OT.

The New Testament book provides 8 outlines as well:
The 3 major divisions of the NT
The 8 major time periods
The 8 men who wrote the NT
The 25 major trips
The 3 "flurries" of NT activity
The transition from the OT to the New
The NT in 44 "bite-sized" pieces
An easy way to remember the basic content of each of the NT books.

These books are very simple, to the point, and not very long. They would be a wonderful addition to any family's library. Let's make 2011 the year that we get serious about knowing the bible inside and out!

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