Wednesday, February 06, 2008


We use to check out movies before we watch them. It has three categories: Sex, Violence, and Profanity. In each category they give the movie a 1-10 rating based on how much content is in the movie. Then below the number it gives a play by play of exactly what the content is. Wherever you draw the line for what you will accept in a movie, this website will help you avoid unwanted surprises. There are pop up adds that can be annoying, but you can be a member for $12 per year and you won't have the pop ups. Lastly, this site is much easier to use than other similar sites because you don't have to read a long review or read the details if you don't want to. You can just look at the number rating in each category and if that number is borderline for you then you can skim the details and see if you are comfortable with what is in the movie. Quick, easy, and very helpful!

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