Monday, August 17, 2009

Little School Update

I have moved a few things around a bit in our schooling and thought I would make a "little" post about it. I promise, it won't be out of control like that last one about school was!

We are now in a groove so that on a "normal day" we are done with school by 12:00. I LOVE THIS! I am doing Kindergarten with Alex (which amounts to teaching him to read, a math workbook, and lots of real books) and 1st grade with Aiden.

For Aiden I started using The Story of the World for history and I like it a lot! I still use Sonlight too, and have found that they compliment each other very well. So, the short list of Aiden's first grade is (times are approximate:0)

Leading Little Ones to God (10 minutes- all 4 kids together)

Sing the Word: A New Commandment (Scripture Memory CD- 5 minutes-sing once well and then dance)

Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading
(20 minutes)

Singapore Math (15 minutes)

First Language Lessons (10 minutes)

The Complete Writer (15 minutes)

Story of the World Volume 1
and Activity Book (20 minutes-I read a short section while the 3 big kids color a page from the activity book that goes with my reading. I also try to do some of the extra activities in the afternoons sometimes)

Sonlight Core 1-World History part 1 (20 minutes- I just read the books to them. I save the read aloud chapter books to read to them before bed. They love that!)

Daily Geography (5 minutes)

Italics Handwriting (5 minutes)

Misc Art and Music stuff (going on here and there throughout the week)


Luke said...

So glad to hear that you are loving your homeschool! Keep up the great work, and may you continue to find joy learning together.


Brandy said...

Thanks Luke :0)